Direct Access to the Beach of Messanges South !

The Campsite Airotel Le Vieux Port ***** offers direct access to the beach of fine sand of Messanges! A Beach typically from the Landes range at the output of the pine forest. Preceded by a lovely dune, discover and enjoy the southern sun, the ocean and its waves that appeal to surfers and all the family for an unforgettable swim!

The Security

Safety is taken seriously in Aquitaine, you do realize because of the post of security installed on a part of the beach during the months of July / August

Emergency post from the beach - July/August ("Guide Pratique" P.9 and map) : +33 (0) 5 58 48 03 01

The Facilities

During this period, you can spend quality time at the beach snack or take surfing lessons or kayak!

The Signs

Obey the signs that will tell you if swimming is allowed or not for a holiday with confidence.

Swimming is allowed

Dangerous swimming under supervision

Swimming is forbidden

Swimming area

  1. The «baïne» is a basin dug by the swell, invisible with high tide, which generates strong currents. If you are taken in a «baïne» or a zone of current, do not struggle. Let you drive and, try to get closer to the shore without swimming.



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