Swimming pool with wave machine in Landes

The wave pool is open and ready to welcome you! To learn more about the security measures implemented in the water park, against covid-19, click here.

In search of a new aquatic experience? Think you’ve tried them all? Try the wave pool at Le Vieux Port 5-star campsite at Messanges in the heart of Landes!

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Take advantage of simplified sales conditions.
 take advantage of simplified sales conditions.

The wave pool: fun for all the family!

The wave lagoon is an ocean of pleasure for swimmers, an aquatic playground and a bathing area to delight adults and children alike!

When the waves start you’ll be carried away by the atmosphere as well as the current. You'll feel as if you’re swimming in the ocean with this turquoise lagoon of rather choppy water! The waves vary on a scale of 1 to 7, so everyone can join the family fun in the lagoon! Children will get a first taste and safely overcome their fears before tackling the ocean waves of the Landes coast!

So if you’re not quite ready to confront the waves of Messanges on your surf board, you can still share moments of pure pleasure, enjoying the wave pool for hours on end during your holiday at our 5-star campsite in Landes!

Piscine à vagues en famille dans les landes - couple assis au bord des vagues

Not to be missed: the daily village dance, at midday at the wave pool. For full details of the various activities available at the water park, including aquafun and pool games, consult our activity programme!

Practical Information:

  • For admission to the water park, you must wear your campsite bracelet.
  • Swimming shorts and other long clothing are prohibited in all pools.
  • The swimming pools are supervised and accessible from the opening to the closing of the campsite.
Piscine à vagues dans les Landes - La danse du camping