Discover renting a top-of-the-range mobile home with private pool at our 5-star Le Vieux Port campsite in Messanges. Ideally located, you can enjoy a dream holiday in our tree-lined PREMIUM area of the Landes. Our luxury accommodation offers an exclusive all-inclusive experience in the sunny South of France. Breathtaking views over the dune, while enjoying direct access to the beach and its se afront: it's the air of a wonderful holiday on the horizon!

Enjoy the comfort of our chalets with private pool during your stay in the Landes

[Dare] Opt for a holiday in accommodation offering the highest level of comfort. With one of our luxury chalets, you can enjoy a well-deserved break in prestigious accommodation including private pool hire. These homes, designed to offer you privacy and harmony right in the heart of this beautiful natural setting, are prized for their exceptional surroundings. Thanks to the proximity of the coast and the private paths accessible from your wooden terrace, you can relax and recharge your batteries in complete tranquillity.

Our state-of-the-art chalets offer all the comforts you need for an unforgettable stay. The private swimming pool is heated to 28°C. It's a real luxury, allowing you to experience holidays in top-of-the-range premium mode. And because we like to take care of you right down to the last detail, the pool is even cleaned by our technical department! The ultimate in well-being and relaxation, you'll finally be able to reach that beneficial paroxysm that will fill you with happiness.

As well as staying at a campsite with its own swimming pool, you'll enjoy a whole host of benefits throughout your holiday. You'll be able to unwind completely, and also enjoy moments of conviviality thanks to the outdoor bar-counter, equipped with a plancha, for your cosy outdoor meals.

Our mobile homes with private pool are equipped with NoKey service (no keys, you open Sesame with your wristband!) and an outdoor shower. You'll also have a sofa lounge and wooden table on site for euphoric moments with family or friends. Take advantage of the services included, such as TV, free WIFI for 4 devices, and the welcome kit. A parking space is also included in the pitch price. Inside, you'll find a master suite and a children's suite, each with its own shower room. Not to mention plenty of cupboard space! The kitchen is fully equipped with dishwasher, hob, stainless steel extractor hood and sink with drainer.

Book your stay in our luxury chalets with private pool now. When you rent one of our chalets with a private pool or jacuzzi, you too can enjoy the charm of an unforgettable holiday in the heart of the Landes.


Traveller reviews of these accommodations

12 reviews
Family with baby(ies)
1 reviews
Family with child(ren)
8 reviews
Family with teenager(s)
3 reviews
Traveller reviews
12 reviews
Justine RFrance
8,3 / 10
From 04/05/2024 to 11/05/2024
Family with baby(ies)
thumb_up la piscine, la qualité et la disposition de l'hébergement
Pierre NFrance
8,0 / 10
From 08/05/2024 to 12/05/2024
Family with teenager(s)
thumb_up Le calme et le confort avec sa piscine et un + le concept et bien sauf quelques détails à peaufiner.
thumb_down Manque de vaisselles plats, saladiers tasses . La table en bois est trop petite un peu juste dommage car il y a de la place . Manque un machine à laver à ce prix ! Et les matelas sont pas confort du tout c’est un gros point négatif , il faudrais des matelas confort d’hôtel .
Sébastien DFrance
7,6 / 10
From 27/04/2024 to 04/05/2024
Family with child(ren)
thumb_up La piscine chauffée L'aménagement intérieur super . L'aménagement extérieur offrant beaucoup de place
thumb_down L'espace pour mangé dans le Mobil home un peu restreint
Xavier LFrance
8,3 / 10
From 27/04/2024 to 04/05/2024
Family with child(ren)
thumb_up La terrasse extérieure et sa piscine sont top. Le calme et la vue sont de très bon points.
thumb_down L’accès au toilette de l’hébergement est exiguë.
Julie SFrance
7,7 / 10
From 13/04/2024 to 20/04/2024
Family with child(ren)
thumb_up La piscine la vue
Meritxell M
6,0 / 10
From 02/09/2023 to 09/09/2023
Family with child(ren)
thumb_up La piscine
Mous NFrance
8,6 / 10
From 19/08/2023 to 26/08/2023
Family with child(ren)
thumb_up Logement adapté pour 4 personnes. La plancha a bien servi ??. La piscine privative était un plus non négligeable et une des raisons qui nous ont fait choisir ce camping. Nous n'étions pas déçu et avons pu bien en profiter, surtout le jour de canicule où le parc aquatique et les transats étaient pris d'assaut.
thumb_down Dans l'ensemble le logement était propre, mais sous le lit enfants, le balai n'était pas passé, c'est un détail mais important pour un asthmatique...
Elise DFrance
7,9 / 10
From 02/08/2023 to 09/08/2023
Family with child(ren)
thumb_up Piscine agréable, logement propre et bien agencé. Climatisation. Spacieux.
thumb_down Pas de balai ni aspirateur
7,3 / 10
From 18/05/2023 to 21/05/2023
Family with teenager(s)
thumb_up L'emplacement face à la dune
thumb_down Nous avons été déçu de ce chalet qui est vraiment d'une qualité médiocre comparé au chalet jacuzzi de l'an dernier. Les wc sont minuscule, la chambre d'ami n'a pas de lit côte à côte, pas de TV dans la chambre parentale et un salon que pour 2 personnes alors qu'il est proposé pour 4/5. Le problème de la piscine que nous n'avons pas pu utilisé et la serrure qui n'a pas fonctionné et on nous a retiré nos bracelets donc aucun accès à la piscine du camping. on devait Nous en ramener mais hélas nous avons eu droit qu'à un pass. Bref cette année ce camping n'a pas été à la hauteur.
Martinez Perrella AEspagne
10,0 / 10
From 10/05/2023 to 14/05/2023
Family with child(ren)
thumb_up El bungalow estaba todo bien, era amplio y las dos duchas. El calentador para las toallas y la piscina genial.
thumb_down Nada
Edgar jose FEspagne
6,6 / 10
From 03/09/2023 to 10/09/2023
Family with child(ren)
thumb_up Él entorno y la tranquilidad
thumb_down Baños pequeños, en vez de ser 3 que sean 2, falta Lis en la piscina y en la zona de bbq la casa 157 tenía poca intimidad… faltan arbustos !
Extérieur du Chalet Premium 4 personnes au camping Le Vieux Port à Messanges dans les Landes

What are the advantages of renting a chalet with a private pool?

Choosing accommodation at a campsite with its own swimming pool is no easy task. A whole host of questions need to be asked beforehand. Will I really enjoy the experience? Am I someone who needs comfort? Do I need a luxury campsite for my premium beach holiday? Because let's face it, having a private swimming pool in your mobile home rental is like treating yourself to a beach holiday with a sumptuous perfume of privilege!

To answer this question, there are a number of criteria to consider. Because it's not everywhere that you can enjoy such an exclusive and luxurious experience, with so many advantages all at once! To help you see clearly, like the crystal-clear water in our pools, here are just a few of the advantages of renting a property with a private pool

  1. Your privacy is preserved. Only you and the people you share the property with will have access to this haven of aquatic peace. No more being disturbed by other holidaymakers!
  2. Peace and quiet at all hours. Long gone are the days when you looked at your watch to go where everyone else was going at the same time and in the same place: now you have the freedom to decide when you want to go for a swim.
  3. Safety. We've thought of everything to give you peace of mind. With barriers, secure access and deckchairs, you'll want to close your eyes and relax in the authentic wooded setting of your luxury campsite in the Landes.
  4. An added attraction to your premium space. Not only will staying at a campsite with a private swimming pool make your stay even more pleasant and memorable, but above all you'll benefit from an extra dimension of bliss that's much appreciated. Not to mention the many additional services included.
  5. Perfect size. Your rental property with private pool has been designed with the sole aim of allowing you to enjoy a refreshing dip with your family or friends. You'll be able to concentrate on what's really important: your natural holiday!

▶️ And because an opinion is worth a thousand words, we're also sharing the feedback left by Mous N. She has already tested this rental with private pool for you 👌

<< The private swimming pool was a big plus and one of the reasons we chose this campsite. We were not disappointed and were able to make the most of it, especially on the hottest day when the water park and sun loungers were full to bursting. >>

To sum up, opting for a rental with private pool offers comfort, privacy and entertainment all in one. Our chalets have been designed to make them an ideal choice within our upmarket campsite. So for your fabulously relaxing holiday: dare to experience the best of nature in a luxury campsite.

Extérieur du Chalet Premium 4 personnes au camping Le Vieux Port à Messanges dans les Landes
Chalet avec piscine privée dans quartier premium, chalet bois avec transat et vue sur la dune en bord de mer sur la Côte d'Argent, la côte Sud des Landes du Sud Ouest de la France, pour vos vacances en bord de mer à Vieux Boucau ou Messanges

What's the best way to enjoy your camping experience with a private pool?

Are you renting a property with a private pool or jacuzzi and wondering how best to optimise your comfort? Follow these few tips and you'll remember your exceptional experience in this natural space for a long time to come.

  • It's always a good idea to remember the classic rules near any water space (such as no running / jumping / diving). And don't forget to obey them 😉
  • Keep an eye on the people accompanying you, especially the younger ones: you'll avoid a lot of unfortunate situations.
  • Greet our technical department with a smile when they come to carry out maintenance. It's always a pleasure, knowing that they'll take good care of you.
  • When you leave in the evening, remember to have the landing net provided ready. That way you'll avoid floating insects and other surprises. It would be a shame to find pieces of them in the pond the next morning!
  • Just as you turn off the light to go to sleep, it's still important to close the pool doors when you've just left the pool: everyone's safety at all times is paramount.

🙏 When you arrive on site, you'll be in the heart of an unspoilt environment, between beach and Landes forest. That's why we strongly encourage you to respect the surrounding nature. Please dispose of your rubbish in the containers provided.

By following these recommendations, the occupants of a mobile home rented with a private swimming pool or jacuzzi will have plenty of time to relax. You'll be able to enjoy this experience to the full, while guaranteeing your safety, cleanliness and respect for the environment.

Chalet avec piscine privée dans quartier premium, chalet bois avec transat et vue sur la dune en bord de mer sur la Côte d'Argent, la côte Sud des Landes du Sud Ouest de la France, pour vos vacances en bord de mer à Vieux Boucau ou Messanges
Piscine privée de la terrasse d'un Chalet Premium avec vue sur la dune au camping Le Vieux Port dans les Landes à Messanges

Benefit from premium services when renting with a private swimming pool

When it's gone, it's still there! Did you really think we were going to stop there? At the 5-star Le Vieux Port campsite in Messanges, in the Landes, we like to see and do things in a big way. Here, the campsite with private swimming pool is in luxury. And in Nature, with a view of the dune from your chalet! As well as enjoying your rental accommodation with private pool or jacuzzi, you'll have access to a host of top-of-the-range services to make your stay even more enjoyable.

Open your mobile home with premium private pool without a key thanks to our innovative access wristband system, making it easy for you to get settled in. With the NoKey system you can now enjoy ultimate accessibility. Inside, bed linen and towels are provided, and there's even a complimentary final cleaning fee, ensuring you're as comfortable as possible from the moment you arrive.

For the perfect climate, the chalets at your campsite with private pool are equipped with air conditioning. You can also enjoy a television and a free Wi-Fi connection for one device. Stay connected even on holiday!

For those who prefer full board or half board, we have offers to suit your needs. What's more, our PREMIUM guests can take advantage of a wide range of activities and facilities at the campsite, including a top-of-the-range Spa with its treatments and various relaxation areas (sauna, hammam, etc.).

And for your convenience, our PREMIUM all-inclusive campsite has a range of shops to meet all your needs. Last but not least, you can enjoy beautiful walks along the seafront or try your hand at our wave simulator. Tennis and padel enthusiasts will also be delighted to be able to book their court quickly and easily using theRESASOL app for Android phone/tablet or Apple phone/tablet.

Piscine privée de la terrasse d'un Chalet Premium avec vue sur la dune au camping Le Vieux Port dans les Landes à Messanges