The Biarritz Aquarium and the Cité de l'Océan

Published on 09/11/2022

Spend an unusual night amongst the sharks, surf the famous wave of the Côte des Basques without drinking the cup or make friends with the polar bears on the ice floe... There are so many new experiences to be had when camping in the south of the Landes!

Why do we love the Biarritz aquarium?

Located in the city centre, opposite the famous Rocher de la Vierge, the Biarritz aquarium is one of the most beautiful aquariums in France. Treat yourself to an astonishing journey twenty thousand leagues under the sea, from the Bay of Biscay to the warm seas of the Caribbean, via the Great Barrier Reef. Among the aquarium's star fish, leopard rays, a huge Napoleon fish, a cute loggerhead turtle, a pair of hammerhead sharks and two round-nosed guitar rays perform for the astonished gaze of visitors.
The highlight of the visit is the seal feeding and the shark feeding, accompanied by a keeper who is quick to answer any questions. Did you know, for example, that a seal eats an average of 4 kg of mackerel per day and a shark only 2 to 3 kg of food per week? Permanent and temporary exhibitions, as well as activities for children, complete the tour and make the experience even more captivating.

Would you like to sleep with the sharks?

Several times a year, the Biarritz Aquarium invites visitors, sleeping bag and pillow under the arm, to spend a whole night with the sharks! The programme includes a picnic dinner with the sharks, stories and entertainment before the lights go out; the next morning, breakfast followed by a guided tour behind the scenes of the large shark tank. However, it is not guaranteed that you will sleep through the night.

- The Biarritz Aquarium is open every day from 9.30am to 7pm (until 10.30pm in July and August) - more info:

The Cité de l'Océan, in the heart of the wave!

"Learning while having fun" is the vocation of the Cité de l'Océan in Biarritz, a scientific and interactive space dedicated to the ocean and surfing. Located a few steps from the Milady beach, the Biarritz theme park offers you the chance to discover some of the mysteries of the ocean in a fun and interactive way. The immersion is total and immediate!
To do this, the designers of the Cité de l'Océan have devised an original itinerary: special effects and virtual reality to dive with the sharks, 4D cinema to approach the polar bears on the ice floe, 360° immersion with the rays, turtles and dolphins... Not to be missed: Virtual Surf, a virtual surfing simulator to ride the historic wave of the Basque Coast or the giant Belharra. The feeling of sliding, the wind, the spray... it's all there, you'll feel like you're really there!

- Open every day from 10am to 7pm (until 8pm in July and August) - more info:

Visit smart with the "Biarritz Océan" pass at a reduced rate!

With our partner RESASOL, take advantage of the "Combined" ticket to visit the Biarritz Aquarium + the Cité de l'Océan at a preferential rate. And to top it all off, you have priority in the queue at the Cité de l'Océan!

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