Camping holidays for teenagers!

Published on 08/11/2022

How do you keep a teenager occupied during the holidays? This is a question that parents often ask when choosing a campsite. Here are 5 ideas for activities, among many others, to make your teenagers smile if you stay at the 5-star campsite Le Vieux Port in the Landes!


Never happy, hard to please, always glued to their screens...teenagers have the reputation of getting bored quite quickly and never staying put. Rest assured, at Camping Le Vieux Port, they will not have time to be bored! All summer long, many fun and sports activities will punctuate the days of your teenagers, even the most demanding!

Starting with the campsite's aquatic area and its two sensational "fun" and "kamikaze" slides, which are always a hit with the young campers. At this age, they also need to exercise to stay in shape (and especially in a good mood). To do this, they can let off steam on the campsite's sports and leisure area: beach soccer, beach volleyball, football, basketball, badminton, city stadium... It's impossible to stay glued to your smartphone, on Tiktok or Snapchat!

But that's not all! The Teenagers' Club is also there so that teenagers can get out of the parental bosom. On the programme: physical activities, sports tournaments, fun activities, themed evenings especially for teenagers, not forgetting the evenings offered in our Arena in the Old Port. And if it rains, the arcade is always a good refuge for a teenager who's a bit "out of it".


A quarter-pipe, a funbox, a ramp and a grind rail, that's all it takes for your teenagers to spend hours warming up the campsite skatepark! On skateboards, rollerblades or even scooters, they will enjoy performing the most beautiful slides, kickflips, ollies and other more difficult tricks under the spotlight.

And to ride even harder, the youngsters can compete with other skaters on the ramps of the Vieux Boucau skatepark, a few minutes' walk from the campsite. During the season, the Skatelandes school offers introductory and advanced courses, as well as skateboarding contests! Who will be the king of the skatepark this summer?


A teenager is always a bit of a show-off! So why not be a surfer for real? Make the most of your camping holidays by the sea to introduce your children to the joys of surfing on one of the most beautiful spots in the Landes. Thanks to our partner Mana Surf School, Kelly Slater apprentices will be able to learn to surf during a complete and professional course.


Do you have speed and thrill seekers in the family? There's nothing better than a little go-karting in the Landes, one of the favourite activities of teenagers. Drive young and head for the go-kart track in Capbreton, 20 km from the campsite. This open-air karting circuit (1000 metres) offers a beautiful series of bends and straights suitable for the most muscular accelerations. It's a great way to get your adrenaline flowing, at full throttle, at ground level. On your kart... ready... go!


It's well known that teenagers are often a bit (a lot) of a daredevil! If yours are not afraid of the cold, take them on a water jump at the Accr'eau park at Lake Guiche. Extreme sensations are guaranteed with this crazy activity, with springboards to slide and perform acrobatic figures on a bodyboard, a surfboard or a buoy. Teenagers love it! For the less adventurous, the leisure centre also offers a floating adventure course with trampolines, water zip line, slides, human catapult...

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