This is more than just a simple arcade, we have designed this place as a great place for teenagers to get together. On the Le Vieux Port 5-star campsite, we wanted to make sure there is something for everyone. So to make sure the teens are happy too, what could be better than arcade games, retro machines and old-fashioned games so that teenagers can get together with other guests the same age and to make it easier for them to meet other people.

Campsite arcade
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To make sure the whole family has a great time on their holiday on the Le Vieux Port 5-star campsite, we have also thought of the teens. It’s not always easy to find family outings or sports activities to suit different generations. So to make sure they have their own moments to chill-out and laugh with people their own age, we’ve designed an arcade and lounge area.

A place for all the teenagers to get together, to escape and have some fun. Our arcade room has been designed as the ideal place for all the young adults staying on the campsite! They can play games to their heart’s content and chat about the latest videos trending on social media. There are so many games to choose from: arcade games, punching machines, driving simulators, basketball nets, pool table, air hockey, pinball machines, table football, etc.

Intérieur de la salle d'arcade du camping Le Vieux Port


Here, the games are a great way to meet other people and have some fun together. The feeling of belonging to a group, meeting new friends, spending your whole holiday laughing, that’s what the teens can expect in our arcade room. Games are an excuse to get together and this is the perfect place to talk to each other about their day.

We have of course thought to provide plenty of plug sockets to charge their mobile phones. Your teens will be able to make their very own holiday videos, add filters and then share them to social media, for the maximum number of likes. Unless they prefer to simply stay updated with the latest stories!

To find out more about the arcade room, you’ll find all the practical information you need on our Resasol application. At the Le Vieux Port 5-star campsite, we even make it easier for you to find information, as all it takes is one click!
The Resasol application is available to download for free.

Jeux de la salle d'arcade du camping Le Vieux Port