Discover all the new features that your 5-star campsite Le Vieux Port in the Landes is planning for the 2023 season. We'll tell you all about it in detail!

Easy access to the reception of the campsite Le Vieux Port

For the 2023 season, we wanted to offer you a real experience from the moment you first set foot on our Le Vieux Port campsite.
Open your eyes wide, we are transforming our Reception to better reinvent it. We wanted to make your arrival easier, so we adapted our reception to your needs. If this place is the lungs of the campsite, it is also your gateway until you fully immerse yourself in the vibrant life of the 5-star Le Vieux Port campsite.
Open from early morning until late at night, you will find a new comfort of circulation. In 2023, discover a double queue access to the reception of your campsite Le Vieux Port.
Less waiting, more fluidity. For us, it is important that your experience begins in the best possible way: a simplified arrival and a team that is ever more attentive to your needs.
The reception area has been designed to be more accessible, friendly, lively and cosy.

Renovated tennis courts and football pitch

Every year, at Le Vieux Port campsite, we continue to develop our 5-star vision of theart of camping. So, among the range of services we have created to offer you the best experience during your holiday in the Landes, we put at your disposal a whole range ofsports equipment. All of which will allow you toindulge your passions even away from home. Or simply offer you the chance to discover new activities.
Thousands of holidaymakershave access to these facilities every season, so we have decided to revise some of our sports facilities to ensure that they meet your expectations.
Over the winter, the fences on our tennis courts were revised and our football pitch was completely renovated. This means that you can enjoy your tennis games or football matches with friends and family even more. Replay the World Cup final and feel like Mbappé. Or make each point thrill like Nadal. It's up to you!
In any case, our sports facilities are waiting for you to try them out. Add a little more prestige to your future sports holiday in Messanges in the Landes by staying at the Le Vieux Port campsite.

Improvement of the sound system on the forecourt of the Arena du Vieux Port

At Le Vieux Port campsite, we are well aware that holidays are unique moments for you to let go and enjoy time with your loved ones. With this in mind, at the 5-star Le Vieux Port campsite we do everything possible to ensure that you have an exceptional stay in the Landes.
Our showroom L'Arena du Vieux Port is the perfect example of what we want to create with you: festive and exceptional gatherings. With L'Arena du Vieux Port, we shape your camping holidays so that they are full of great emotions and incredible experiences.
And believe us, this 2023 season will be even more about entertainment! So to make sure you have an unforgettable evening with us, we have redesigned the sound system in the outdoor area of our entertainment hall. An improved sound system to make our events even more enjoyable for you. One thing is certain, your evenings at the 5-star Le Vieux Port campsite will be even crazier and more spectacular in 2023!

New fencing to enhance our water park

For us, life on a 5-star campsite is a perfect alchemy between fabulous facilities and an exceptional environment. To sublimate the omnipresent nature that surrounds us and all the emblematic places that make up our campsite, that is the mission that we give ourselves year after year.
And if the Arena du Vieux Port, the largest concert hall in the Landes, is the vibrant heart of our campsite, our water park is clearly not to be outdone!
Completely renovated in 2022, our XXL aquatic area, in the Pirates of the Caribbean universe, is now adorned with entirely glass fences. Designed to integrate even more with the abundant nature that surrounds our 11 slides and our various pools, the new windows around our water park give the impression ofeven greater space. Nothing better to enjoy your holiday in the heart of the Landes forest while having fun!

Completely renovated reception area for the MonMobilHome exhibition centre

If Le Vieux Port in the Landes has a speciality, it is that of knowing how to reinterpret the codes of camping, in order to offer you an unforgettable experience during your holidays. At Le Vieux Port campsite we love to be a family, to celebrate your holiday together under the Landes sun and above all to make you dream. So, to make your wildest dreams come true, what better way than to offer you the pleasure of staying in your own mobile home, just for you?
To make it easier for you, our MonMobilHome showroom, just a few metres from the Le Vieux Port campsite, offers you the unique opportunity tobuy the mobile home of your dreams from a wide range of new and second-hand models.
Thanks to a completely renovated reception area, you will be able to find more easilythe mobile home that corresponds to your expectations as well as to your desires. And your desires for a holiday home in the shade of the pines and a few metres from the beach will be fulfilled. Discover the new home of our MonMobilHome showroom and become a mobile home owner at Camping Le Vieux Port!

Relax under our new shades

After the intense summer we experienced last year, we felt it was essential to offer you a little more space away from the hot sun. So we wanted to add some extra shade to our aquatic area.
You will find more parasols, perfect for relaxing while being protected from the Landes sun. We have put in place a lot of new shades, to help you recover more gently from your emotions after endless descents on our slides.
This is an extraordinary opportunity to have even more fun with all the entertainment in our XXL water park, with well-deserved breaks in our shaded sunbathing areas. We can already guarantee that these shady oases will delight young and old alike!

Your Le Vieux Port campsite even more green

What makes our campsite Le Vieux Port so pleasant to live in is without doubt the integration of nature. Located in the heart of the Landes forest and behind the immense sand dunes, the nearby ocean whispers between the alleys of our mobile homes. We know how lucky we are to live in a unique setting only a few metres from the Atlantic Ocean. This quality of life also makes us realise that our breathtaking surroundings deserve our full attention. At Camping Le Vieux Port, we strive every day to preserve,maintain and strengthen it. For the 2023 season, we are therefore advocating a denser vegetation. More local flora, such as broom, heather, ferns and pines, to enhance your daily life on our campsite Le Vieux Port. We also create more natural dividers to protect your privacy in an elegant way. And above all, we share with you all the richness and diversity of our forests, allowing you to be in contact with the plants more than ever. More than 1,350 fir trees and 260 pine trees are planted throughout our 5-star campsite. So you can fully enjoy your holiday in the middle of nature!