The top 7 most spectacular waterslides at Atlantic Park in Seignosse

Published on 08/11/2022

Atlantic Park, the largest water park in the Landes, is back in operation this summer. Located 15 km from the 5-star Le Vieux Port campsite and 10 minutes from the Hossegor lake, the Seignosse water park promises you crazy slides on water slides never seen before.

Here are our top 7 craziest slides in Atlantic Park!

Each slide has its own colour and its own set of sensations, a bit like the ski slopes. Green slide: "suitable for the whole family", blue: "guaranteed to thrill", red: "hang on, it's going to swing" and black: "reserved for an informed public".


Looking for thrills and adrenaline? Come and measure yourself against the Super Kamikaze, a near-vertical water slide, 9 metres high, with a vertiginous descent in less than 4 seconds and a landing in a heated pool. Only for the most daring who are not afraid of the cold! (black slide)


Not enough adrenaline with the Super Kamikaze? Try the Crazy Kamikaze with more height and more excitement! This water slide with an even "scarier" incline than its little brother, with a height of 12.5 metres, is the steepest and fastest water slide to be found in the Landes amusement parks! Exclusively for the most daring... (black slide)


Do you want to test your limits, with your head forward for even more sensations? The Twist Racer is for you! Thanks to a sliding mat with foam protection, slide at full speed on your stomach on this 4-lane water slide. A crazy race to challenge yourself with family and friends. Fun and thrills! (red slide)


Tobogganing is good, but two people are better! Here is the Flying Boat! In duo on a buoy, let yourself be transported for an ever crazier trip, with ascents and descents worthy of a roller coaster. To test this vertiginous slide, it is better to have a good heart! (red slide)


An unusual descent in a tunnel of lights! The Flash Tube slide offers a smooth ride for everyone, with two people on a buoy. The course is partly in the dark, under the glow of neon lights, so keep your eyes wide open! An incredibly amazing slide and a disco atmosphere in a swimming costume! (blue slide)


This is one of the visitors' favourite slides! On the programme: an ultra-fast descent and 110 metres of sliding for maximum pleasure and fun. Go down the slope at high speed before arriving at the landing basin in a hurry. An experience for the whole family! Sensations and fun guaranteed! (blue slide)


Less impressive than the other slides, the Aqualoop is no less spectacular! Imagine a water slide with 120 metres of sliding, fast turns and endless winding loops. For the whole family and those who love the thrill, without being too scared! (green slide)


- 1400 m of sliding
- 13 slides and 23 runs for the whole family
- 3000 m2 of pools heated to 27°C, games and a relaxation area for all ages!


Address : 2 Avenue de la Grande Plage, 40510 Seignosse (20 minutes from the campsite ***** Le Vieux Port in the Landes)
- Opening period: end of June to beginning of September, open 7 days a week in July and August, from 10 am to 7 pm.
- More info:
- Information and reservations (day pass) with our leisure partner Resasol, tel: 05 58 48 22 00.

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