Environmental policy

Le Vieux Port campsite, in the middle of the maritime pines and on the ocean shore, is located in a natural environment that must be preserved. By our actions, we wish to participate in the preservation of this nature and, more generally, reduce the impact of our activity on the environment. Our commitment to the environment meets the needs of our customers who are seeking nature to recharge themselves and ever increasing quality in the services offered.

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This year, we continue this process based on the European Eco-label campsite services certification documentation (delivered by AFNOR certification). This documentation actively recommends the use of renewable energy sources, energy and water savings, a reduction in waste production and improvement of the local environment.

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Our environmental commitments are based on:

  • The preservation of the natural site: active communications policy for banning fires outside the areas provided for this purpose and by encouragement to use the bins for waste (see internal regulations).
  • The use of renewable energies: 100% of our electricity is produced from renewable sources. Some of the sanitary facilities are equipped with solar panels for heating the water.
  • Energy savings: purchase high-performance equipment (class A refrigerator, air conditioner and bulbs). At least 93% of the bulbs are class A wherever the physical characteristics allow their use. WE maintain our equipment to maintain its performance.
  • Water savings: installation of flow restrictors and mixer taps allowing rapid adjustment of the temperature and flow and economical toilet cisterns.
Re-plantation de pins aux abords du camping

But also on :

  • Reduction of water and ground pollution: communication of the ban on discharging dangerous substances into the ground or water and by encouragement to use the bins in the sanitary facilities.
  • An eco-responsible purchasing policy intended to promote high-performance systems (e.g., systematic use of key switches, class A refrigerators...) and by the purchase of products with environmental labels (paint, maintenance products...).
  • Proper management of chemical products by limiting them from the purchasing policy, strict dosing in use and their elimination in compliance with regulations.
  • Proper management of waste: reduction of toxicity (purchase of less polluting products), opt for recycling where possible, route our waste to approved facilities.
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We wish to include all of our partners in this approach (customers, personnel, suppliers, managers and service providers). This is why we are undertaking a communications campaign via “la gazette”, notices, internal training and the distribution of this policy to our partners. This communications campaign is essential for effective action.

All of your comments are appreciated. You can inform us via the satisfaction questionnaire, complaints form or any mail.