Aquasplash area for kids

Now more than ever, we all need to escape our daily routine. Even more so on holiday, it is essential to protect our children and let them dream, that’s why we’ve created a brand-new area in our pool complex devoted to the world of pirates. In this complex, designed with fun and enjoyment in mind, we have created a 400m2 space just for children with a central focus called Aquasplash.

Campsite aquasplash
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Slide, smile and splash everyone !

On the Le Vieux Port campsite, our service and our facilities are worthy of 5 stars. So to make sure your holiday with us is even more incredible, we wanted to make everyone’s dreams come true, even the youngest family members! Our goal is to see the little ones’ eyes sparkle and to whisk older family members back to their early childhood. With Aquasplash, the idea was to create a focal point in an area devoted to children.

The 3 big slides have been recreated for mini pirates, so that the little ones can also have a ball and whizz along a small racing slide, or get a rush of adrenaline in the miniature Black Hole tunnel slide.
While the kids are having fun splashing each other between the water jets and on the entire structure, the huge pirate’s head overlooking the Aquasplash area fills with water and then pours down upon any unsuspecting pirates down below. The ultimate goal? To make sure you’re standing underneath when the huge head tips over and water cascades down over the whole area.

Aquasplash tête de pirate

A giant pirate that the children will love !

The pirate’s giant head pours huge quantities of water down below and the children whizz down its arms in the form of slides. The whole Aquasplash structure looks like a giant pirate is sitting in the middle of the brand-new pool complex!
Just what the kids need to boost their imagination and dream up the craziest of stories as they run up, down and around this amazing Aquasplash area.

Children will be climbing along the arms of this giant pirate at their peril, dodging the water jets and the unexpected attacks from the other captains, but remember that you can be sure of the safety of your little ones in the Aquasplash area thanks to the on-duty lifeguards, for a stress and worry-free holiday. Our Aquasplash area is suitable for all children, so your little rascals will be able to blow off steam with their new friends!

Aquasplash pour les enfants au camping Le Vieux Port