Discover Capbreton, the only port in the Landes!

Published on 08/11/2022

Among the symbols of Capbreton, there is the Estacade, the astonishing underwater canyon with its abyssal depths, not forgetting the port, the one and only port in the Landes! We tell you more.

30 minutes from the campsite, Capbreton evokes for many people the beach, surfing and walks on the Estacade. It is also and above all the one and only port in the Landes with a small number of boats and a unique fish market in the Landes. And in the background, the mythical Gouf of Capbreton... Discover it.


In the 15th and 16th centuries, the port of Capbreton lived off the flourishing trade in "sand wines", produced from vines planted on the dunes, which were shipped to Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands. Until the beginning of the 16th century, Capbreton was also a major centre for cod fishing and whaling as far as Newfoundland.
Today, the 19 or so boats in the port of Capbreton have retained a traditional fishing activity, mainly with nets. What is less traditional, however, is that the fishermen sell their catch of the day on the quayside, without going through the auction. In fact, a decree signed by Colbert grants them this customary right since the 17th century. To see this up close, you have to go to the Capbreton fish market.


If you are a fish and seafood lover, you will be delighted to know that the port market takes place every day of the year, in the morning and afternoon. Go to the foot of the harbour master's office where the fish tanks are full. Here, depending on the period, one discusses sole, sea bass, hake, red mullet and scorpion fish, squid and chipirons of course, but also sebaste and blue lobster from the Bay of Biscay... It must be said that the port is only ten minutes by boat from the Gouf de Capbreton, a mysterious underwater canyon reputed to be extremely rich in fish!


The Gouf de Capbreton is an immense underwater valley that descends to abysmal depths: 2,100 m deep and 150 km long! Located only 300 m from the beaches of Capbreton and Hossegor, this 15 million year old geological curiosity is home to an extraordinary biodiversity. A multitude of species can be found here, which fascinate scientists. Fish from subtropical environments, fish from the abyss, but also cetaceans: whales, sperm whales and dolphins. There is even a legend about a "giant squid" that has been seen many times around the Gouf.


Indissociable from the Capbreton landscape, the estacade is a popular meeting place for inhabitants, tourists and anglers. This 189 m long wooden jetty alone embodies the renewal of the port of Capbreton desired by Napoleon III. The design of the structure was entrusted to the engineers Descombes and Pairier. Inaugurated in 1860, the pier was destroyed at the end of the Second World War. In 1948, it was rebuilt identically and completed with a lighthouse.


The advantage of a camping holiday near Capbreton is that the beach is never far away! There are eight beaches in total. The Central beach is usually very popular with families as it is supervised in summer and protected from the swell. Along the boulevard, there are also numerous restaurants and shops for ice cream and shopping. Famous for its waves, Capbreton is also an essential spot for surfers. Official surfing competitions are held here several times a year.

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