Play area

If there’s one place that attracts the whole family, it’s most definitely a play area! With more and more time spent looking at screens, what could be better for your little ones than spending some time in the fresh air? They will be able to jump, climb, slide, run and enjoy all the various facilities available. On the Le Vieux Port 5-star campsite, we wanted to make it easier for the little ones to access the play areas, so we created a fun and completely secure space just for them.

Campsite play area
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Your children need to blow off some steam and let go on holiday, just as much as you do. To give them the opportunity for unlimited fun and to really get rid of all that pent-up energy, we wanted to offer outdoor activities even for the youngest family members. They can come and play in the fresh air, have fun with their new friends and test their boundaries in a completely safe space.

Thanks to the imposed age limits, they can make the most of our two, completely separate play areas, as you keep a close eye on them. One of the areas is a giant sand pit and the second is on a soft ground covering. You, as parents, will feel reassured to see that when your little cherubs inevitably fall over or tumble off the various structures, they will land onto perfectly safe ground and won’t get hurt.
And when you know they’re safe, you’re free to chat away with the other parents, while keeping a close eye on your little ones all the same, as they hurtle from one structure to the next!

Aire de jeux dans le sable du camping Le Vieux Port


When we designed our play areas, we wanted to ensure we were contributing to improving their daily routine. They can play for longer with outdoor play areas. All parents are delighted because after spending hours and hours running around, filling their lungs with fresh sea air, the quality of their sleep is much better!

The play areas make them more aware of their surrounding environment and so this develops their imagination. You’ll love watching them making up stories about far-off magical lands or giving their friends crazy roles to play. They’ll be telling you the best bedtime stories yet!

Animateurs et enfants sur l'aire de jeux du camping Le Vieux Port