Even when you’re far from home, watching TV is the ultimate way to relax and unwind. The television is an unmissable source of entertainment, and is at the centre of every household. So to make sure you feel at home here, you can choose to hire a TV for your stay on the Le Vieux Port campsite.

rates for television rental camping le vieux port
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For a weekend, a week or even several months, enjoy the 30 channels available on your 19” screen (19 French channels, 2 English, 1 Spanish, 3 German, 1 Dutch and 4 Basque) by choosing the package that suits you best. You can then watch all your usual TV shows: the game shows hosted by your favourite TV presenters, your favourite series or the unmissable summer films, the news or daily documentary-style shows to keep up with current affairs. With so many channels, there’s something to keep everyone entertained!
Here are the details of the various TV rental packages for your stay on the Le Vieux Port campsite (to use this service you will be asked to pay a security deposit of €50 on arrival):

Tarifs de la location de TV
Durée de location  Tarif
Week-end 19 €
du lundi au vendredi
29 €
Semaine 35 €
10 nuits 49 €
4 mois 149 €
Télécommande de télévision


Your holiday wouldn’t be complete without the major sporting events that are held throughout the summer season. You’ll enjoy watching all the matches, or watch the cyclists crossing over the different landscapes of France while you have a relaxing afternoon nap. At the Le Vieux Port campsite, we can provide a TV for you so that you can keep up with your favourite team throughout the entire season. Or to simply cheer on your favourite sports personalities! In any case, you are guaranteed not to miss any of the summer sporting highlights thanks to our TV rental service. For the legendary tennis matches of Roland Garros in May, the exciting final stages of the Rugby championships in June, the incredible stages of the Tour de France in July, you'll be cheering on the players and participants and celebrating into the early hours.

Vue écran grille des programmes de télévision


As well as our extensive range of services that make your life easier on the Le Vieux Port campsite, we also have even more advantages for you when you book directly with us! To thank you for choosing to come and stay with us, it will be even easier than you thought to watch your favourite TV shows and sports matches!
For any booking made directly on our website: or with our booking centre:, you’ll have a free TV rental!