Table Tennis

Table tennis is a fun, convivial and sporty activity that is accessible to all, whether you like a competition or just a bit of fun. Thanks to the 4 table tennis tables on the Le Vieux Port 5-star campsite, you can play table tennis as a family or with friends. This racket sport is suitable for adults as well as children and you’ll enjoy going head-to-head for a quick match or a friendly tournament!

Campsite table tennis
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Table tennis is a sports activity that uses both physical and mental capacities at the same time. It is suitable for everyone, combining both mental agility and muscle strength. So whether you are used to intense physical effort or more easy-going movements, this sport is the ideal way to bring together people who are looking for something very different from a sports activity.

You’ll need concentration, skill and unexpected tricks to either have some fun or show your opponent who’s boss! It’s possible to learn how to play this sport very quickly and people of all ages can come and take part in the various tournaments organised by our entertainment team. All you need to do is practice first by playing on the table tennis tables available on the Le Vieux Port campsite.

Joueurs de ping pong au camping Le Vieux Port


Equipment hire

> Table tennis racket hire at the campsite Reception for €1

To find out more about booking table tennis tables and hiring rackets, you’ll find all the practical information you need on our Resasol application. At the Le Vieux Port 5-star campsite, we even make it easier for you to find information, as all it takes is one click!
The Resasol application is available to download for free.

Tables de ping pong du camping Le Vieux Port