Hossegor, a posh and sporting resort on the Landes coast

Published on 09/11/2022

Let's go and discover Hossegor, a mythical seaside resort in the Landes, renowned for its world-famous surf spots, its marine lake and its magnificent Basque-Landes villas.

In the Landes, nestled between the forest and the ocean, only 20 km from the campsite, Soorts-Hossegor is a mythical seaside resort on the Côte d'Argent, renowned for its world-famous surf spots, its marine lake and its magnificent Basque-Landes villas. Whether you are looking for nature, culture or new sensations, Hossegor will seduce you!

The Basque-Landesque style of Hossegor

To soak up the atmosphere of the resort, start your visit from the Place des Landais, the beating heart of the town of Hossegor with its lively terraces and its prestigious Basque-Landesque villas wisely lined up "en bande".
If you walk along the seafront promenade, you will have a beautiful view of the beaches of Hossegor, the elegant ocean villas and the Pyrenees mountain range. A little further on, near the dunes, the visitor discovers "La grand vague", a mural painting by Dominique Antony which pays tribute to the ocean and surfing.
Between the canal and the ocean, the Sporting Casino is a perfect example of the neo-Basque architectural style. Now a listed building, it was designed by architect Henri Godbarge in the late 1920s.
Continue your visit along the Avenue du Golf to admire the Villa "Maya" and the Villa "Santiago", other examples of the neo-regionalist style born at the beginning of the 20th century, designed by the architects Robert Maurice and Louis Lagrange, instigators of the Basque-Landes style.

Sun, beach and water sports

If you love afternoons at the beach, you'll be delighted! Hossegor has no less than four beaches suitable for swimming and practising a multitude of water sports.
Every summer, the Central beach attracts the favour of families. Ideally located at the foot of the Place des Landais, it benefits from the proximity of numerous shops, bars and restaurants. Between the town centre of Hossegor and the port of Capbreton, the South beach is also very popular with holidaymakers. There is a beach club and a swimming school for children.
Wave sports enthusiasts are not left out, as they can indulge their passion with ease: kite surfing, stand up paddle, windsurfing, wake boarding, flyfish, towed buoys or even water skiing... Private lessons or intensive courses, the sailing schools and water sports clubs in Hossegor will help you get into the water!

Where to surf in Hossegor?

Considered as one of the best beach breaks in Europe, Hossegor is the surfing capital of France. Moreover, it is not for nothing that the French Surfing Federation has set up its headquarters in Hossegor.
For beginners, the South beach is a great place to try out. Its exposure to the summer swell and its sandbanks make it accessible to most people. If, on the other hand, you are looking for powerful tubular waves, you will opt for the Gravière spot or the Culs Nus beach to the north of Hossegor. This is where the Quiksilver Pro France, a stage of the World Surfing Championship, takes place every year.

Hossegor, lake side

Connected to the Atlantic Ocean by a canal, Hossegor lake is a marine lake which lives to the rhythm of the tides. It offers a multitude of leisure activities such as swimming, fishing, water sports and walks around the lake (7 km).
In summer, families flock to the lake's four supervised beaches, while sports enthusiasts try their hand at sailing, catamaran sailing, windsurfing, stand-up paddling, etc. Fishing is also very popular on the lake of Hossegor. You can catch beautiful sea bass as well as well rounded gilthead bream.
For nature lovers, there are several walking routes to discover the lakeside villas, the fauna and flora (grey heron, little egret, oystercatcher...) and the oyster beds. After the walk, a tasting of oysters from the lake of Hossegor on the sunny terrace of a restaurant will end the escapade in flavour.

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