We tested for you Adrénaline Parc : accrobranche and paintball in the Landes forest

Published on 08/11/2022

This summer, the team of Camping Le Vieux Port spent a day full of sensations at Adrénaline Parc, a unique adventure course in the Landes, in the heart of the forest of Moliets and Maâ. On the programme: tree climbing in the morning and paintball in the afternoon. We share with you this intense and memorable experience!


When we arrive at Adrenaline Parc, we are welcomed by Mathieu, one of the park's instructors. We start with a few minutes of video briefing explaining the safety rules. Then comes the moment to put on our harnesses on the initiation loop, a compulsory passage for all participants to get familiar with the handling of the continuous life line carabiners. Thanks to this safety system installed on each course, it is impossible to unhook. We are reassured!

Harnessed and briefed, it remains to choose the course that suits our ambitions: fun, sporty, more or less high. The black runs are reputed to be very difficult, reserved for the most athletic and daring adults and teenagers. A little less impressive, the red runs are no less technical and physical. Don't worry, if you are in difficulty, the instructors are never far away, always ready to help you just in case.
Obviously, we did not choose Adrenaline Parc by chance. We came to get our fill of adrenaline and thrills! Let's go for the difficult slopes (n°6, n°10 and n°11), a real assault course which requires strength, agility, balance and a strong mind. On the programme: a jump in a BIG AIR BAG, a free fall in an inflatable mattress, but above all the QUICK JUMP, a jump in the void at 18 m high with rapid braking to the ground. Wouaaaah !!! Well, we won't lie, it's a bit scary...

We tested almost all the courses. It takes about 20 minutes per circuit. Our instructor then suggests we do our arms on the 20 meters climbing wall, followed by an abseiling. That's for another time, as we still need to save some strength for the paintball in the afternoon.
If you are looking for an idea for a family activity in the Landes, Adrenaline Parc in Moliets is also for beginners, young and old. Green and blue trails allow you to practice accrobranche on limited heights, with courses for children from 5 to 10 years old. There are more than 250 games, zip lines to go around the park, monkey bridges, net areas in the form of a labyrinth, a caving area, as well as quad bike and mini bike circuits. In short, new experiences to discover the Landes forest with a different perspective!


After having played acrobats in the trees, we continued the afternoon with a paintball game. The instructor proposed different scenarios to challenge us: invade the opponent's camp without being hit, capture a flag, capture a stocking, etc. After a presentation of the safety rules (for example, it is forbidden to shoot at a player from less than 10 metres away), we put on our suit and mask. It is important to protect yourself, because when you get hit by a paintball at nearly 300 km/h, it stings a bit and some people get a few bruises.
Equipped with a pump or semi-automatic launcher, it's off to a crazy paintball session! We have 200 pellets in our magazine each. Be careful, it goes very fast! A piece of advice: save your ammunition, like a "sniper" rather than a "John Rambo". The terrain is large, with many places to hide, obstacles, pallets and shelters to take refuge in, passages in the vegetation to sneak behind enemy lines and surprise the opponent. After two hours of play, we end up sweating, covered in paint, but happy with our day at Adrenaline Parc!


- Meeting point : Adrénaline Parc, 727 route des lacs, 40660 MOLIETS (10 minutes from your [ Camping 5 étoiles Le Vieux Port ] [ / ])
- Reservation with our partner RESASOL: adult course/22€ (17 circuits), teenager course/17€ (17 circuits), child course/13€ (12 circuits), junior paintball/15€, adult/20€.

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