On holiday, you can at last take time out to think of yourself and slow the pace. This may be the case for you, but it is even more true of children and teenagers. All the same, even if children across the world dream of life being one big holiday, simply breaking away from their daily routine can be quite unsettling for them. No worries, the 5-star Le Vieux Port campsite has of course considered every detail, to offer you and your children the very best of holidays. This includes a whole arsenal of amusing activities that you’ll find on site.

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All ages from toddler to teenager have a basic need to adjust to any new environment. And at the 5-star Le Vieux Port campsite, we’ve installed a number of facilities designed to make their holiday a memorable one! They’ll be delighted to find their new bearings and let their imagination and creativity be sparked by games that unite them. With this in mind, we’ve done what it takes to ensure that kids of all ages enjoy themselves at Le Vieux Port campsite. During your stay, we want your children to partake in the joys of creativity and recreation, amid laughter and wonderful encounters.

Enfants sur le pont de l'aire de jeux du camping Le Vieux Port


The imaginations of young children will be enriched with all sorts of crazy stories as they explore every nook and cranny of our outdoor play area. They can get up to all sorts of stunts on special soft surfacing, learn new games and make friends galore, all in a safe environment! And to perfectly round off their magical days in the shade of the pines, they can head for the merry-go-round within the grounds of Le Vieux Port campsite. Ideal for helping your children drift off to sleep on cloud nine when evening falls.

And they’ll also be delighted to know that our new water park has been completely revamped in a pirate theme. So prepare to attack the 11 water slides, the wave pool or even the surf machine for the really adventurous! And to spend entire days splashing about in the water, your budding cabin boys and sand mermaids will be able to invent their own incredible epic as they have fun with the water jets in our new Aquasplash pool.

Vue aérienne du bac à sable du camping Le Vieux Port